Thursday, June 3, 2010

New York, NY: Homeostasis

I finally figured out how to make these youtube vidz directly through the Flipcam software. They aren't as "high production" as the iMovie vidz (see "Homeroast!" and "Getting Fried with Hyphy") but the resolution is much better. It takes 5 seconds to slap clips together with this software. I'm pretty much sold.

This visit was such a lovefest - words can't even do it justice. I love/hate that I don't think about San Francisco for a second when I am in New York. This makes me feel better about moving soon. It also makes me question myself because I really do love San Francisco when I'm there. I guess it's just a fact of being a person who LOVES LIFE.

Some adventures are missing (shooting vidz all the time sort of gets in the way of "being present" - ha!) but here is a little "just the facts" tour of some scenes from my visit home. I only wish I remembered to take some footage of my beautiful sister's high school graduation:

One afternoon I took a walk with Lauren from my house to her house. We stopped for a nostalgic brew at Local 187, my home during the great World Cup 2002 summer.

Next there is a tour of my grammar and high school. Lauren, Sasha, and I went back for a farewell reception for one of our teachers. We took the opportunity to relive some important elements of our years there.

The following footage is of the poorly-lit Frying Pan, which was the first stop on and endless night of drinking with Claire, the ultimate champ. It's amazing how uncharted that space remains. Where else would you find a moldy fruit platter below the DJ booth on the bottom floor of an old ship? I guess this is why the yuppies drink on the doc.

, Nikki, and I spend the night at the Russian bath house in Flatbush. It was VERY relaxing. I highly recommend it. It's hard for me to relax but this did the trick.

Here is a vid from a night of kicking it on the sidewalk and on the fire escape with Rosie and Masha. This clip runs on a bit too long but I think it captures the best of NYC's hot and sweaty summer night.

I went to see Marina Abramovic with Heather. Absolutely amazing. I was a real hater going into it but it was truly a special experience. It "changed" me! (also I know there is a typo in the opening credit. I made the clip when I was flying home on zero hours of sleep and no ADD rx).

Alex Taylor took me out for a schnazzy dinner at Commerce in the Greenwich Village around the corner from our beloved Chumley's (rip). We then went for a few whiskeys at Kettle of Fish, which is sort of a mess but a good place for a pre-subway cocktail, and I iced Lauren's bro at Daddy-O. Alex and I high-tailed it uptown for a 2am tour of the Whitney Biennial. I don't care if it's corny but the Whitney has always been my favorite museum.

New York is huge but I always run into friends on the street! I found Nick DeMarco (of 94110)smacking on a Mister Softee on Broadway and Spring! I caught Austin riding his bike home from the ferry!

I spent Memorial Day with my long, lost friend Lina Marin (2 intense 2 blog!) and Claire and Nazli. We met Sandra (♥) and Samantha then schelped out to Bushwick for a BBQ at Leslie's house. What a treat to see my starni Dee Dee on her way to Paris and finally meet famous Emily. Masha, Nikki, Heather, and Meg came too.

On my last night in the city I went over to Alex and Hannah's new pad in Prospect Heights for a dinner party with Katie and Elana and miscellaneous (not miscellaneous, really just Aidan and Blake) Vassholes. Hannah cooked us a delicious dinner, which she more or less instructs us how to create on this video.


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