Thursday, October 8, 2009

NY, New York: Love Love Love!

I made a quick quick visit home last weekend to participate in our CWA Local 1802 Stff Union Convention on Friday (I am now shop steward!) and stuck around until Sunday. It was a whirlwind trip. I had so much fun seeing everyone. I included way too many pictures in this post - all are totally smoochable so here they are!

After the convention on Friday I zipped over to check out Lauren's schnazzy new pad in downtown Brooklyn. Impressive! It eats my erstwhile BedStuy pad for breakfast. We snacked on some vino and Weight Watchers Bagel Bites then trekked over to Moe's in Fort Green. So many wonderful faces from past and present happiness! After a handful of gimlets (thanks to @eringeld) we moved through several bars then ended up at Outpost in Clinton Hill for the Skittles party (had I known this was Rosie's place of employment I would not have lit up in the back of the bar - where did I think I was, San Francisco?!). Sheesh. We got our party on and later Walter rolled up in his ambulance. We got to catch up on his campaign to organizer his massive EMT unit. So great!

We had brunch on Saturday morning. My family drove up to the country to see my sister's soccer team beat Millbrook to a pulp. The foliage up state has started to turn already (#eastcoastsigh!). The four of us ate a delicious feast in the city. I picked up some perfect birthday loot. Then I met Heather and Daonne in the East Village at a Vassar reunion. Sandalwood and I met for a night cap, made 5am ramen, and ate breakfast bagels. My mother, sister, and I had a lovely lunch in Lincoln Center and then it was time for me to ship off!

I can't be more emphatic about my love for this city. We had a tenuous relationship betweem 2003-2009. Now all is well and I can't wait to be back (2+ weeks at Xmas)!

Allegra and Lauren; UNION LOVERS Austin and Talia

Andy and Julia; party people


oh look! Nikki ISNT teathered to the Crown Plaza on Friday nights!; 2002 friends

Michigan Lezbos; NOT Michigan Lezbos

HEAT Captains; one of us is tall one is stumpy

love love love!

love love love love!


Luis, amigo mucho tiempo; ABOGADOS MALVADOS

Walterina, world's oldest comrade - now EMT and organizer of EMTs!! PRIDE!

Hello Family!

Vassholes Anon.

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