Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Extra Eeeeeeevil Ruby

Below is the Will Power in its entirety:

Will Power from Video on Vimeo.

What You Want

Here are some great party shots from Debaser, Saturday night's monthly 90s alt rock danceparty at the Knockout, from Chris Brennan's flicker. I had been waiting MONTHS for this (I've been out of town for, like, the past ten parties). It lived up to its reputation: we closed the night sweaty, battered, and covered in hot Tecate. 90s alt is UNironically my favorite genre, hands down. Blame it on my poor and chubby prepubescent devotion to Rolling Stone.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eeeeeeevil Ruby

This weekend a new friend conned me into playing the villain in his team's submission to The 48 Hour Film Project. I was only present for my scenes so I have no other details. Here is the preview:

Will Power! from Video on Vimeo.

The Roxie Theater in the Mission will be screening the shorts at 9:00pm on Tuesday night. TICKETS!