Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shanah Tovah - Vegan Shegetz Style

My Irish roommate by way of Co. Cork made this delicious batch of vegan shegetz matzoh soup to ring in year 5769. This is San Francisco, isn't it?!

not much for food porn but it is tasty

Just when I thought I missed New York....

Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday was the closing day of the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA and Rene Yañez's day long performance, Pasion Por Frida. There were about 20 of us Fridas in the show; some sang, danced, or recited monologues. Others, including yours truly, were cast for "Frida interventions" throughout the museum - we drank wine at the cafe to the serenade of a pair of violinists, walked around the exhibit halls, worked the coat check, and posed for A LOT of pictures. It was really fun but I was totally a grouchy/haggard Frida after 5 hours of staying in character.

I feel really lucky to have been able to take part in such a special performance (and get paid for it too!) This is an example of something that seems normal for me to do in my San Francisco life - and totally out of context of my New York life. I think it is the combination of the accessibility of the creative class in this city plus the relative abundance of time and space to make such projects happen. Or maybe its because I don't work emotionally exhausting 12 hours days bookended by hour-long commutes to Bed Stuy - zoiks!

The above photos are some that Phillip took at the end + one shot from a random dude. There were a ton of photographers at the event so I hope to post a few more pictures when I find them.

And on that note, I am officially Frida-overdosed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Albuquerque, NM: Notes on CA Prop 4

Greetings from Albuquerque!

One thing I've noticed each time I leave the Land of Heathens for the Land of Enchantment (or the Land of Entrapment as my coworker calls it, har har!) is the ubiquity of the conservative/anti-choice movement in this part of the country. Multiple "pro-life" billboards greet drivers on I-25 and I spotted several bumper stickers with similar messaging in the UNMH lot today. Tonight, as I enjoy the luxury of watching TV until my eyes bleed, several iterations of this anti-Obama commercial have run over the past two hours:

I wish I could look forward to escaping back to California (ohmygawdicantbelieveiliveincalifornia whatthefuck) where the boarders of our blue state keep right-wing propaganda at bay.


This November Proposition 4, officially the "Child and Teen Safety and Stop Predators Act," will appear on the California ballot. If Prop 4 passes, the law would require doctors to notify a parent or guardian 48 hours before providing an abortion to a minor. The only way around this would be for the teen to seek a judiciary bypass or write a letter to her physician stating parental abuse and get the consent from another same sex family member. Sadly, this is the third time since 2005 that this type of proposal has made it onto the ballot in CA.

Proponents of the act
claim that it will strengthen families by allowing parents to take a part in the teen's decision and alerting them to the their daughter's sexual activity. Supporters also say that the abortions will be safer because the parent can provide a more complete medical history of the teen.

The reality is that this act, in its efforts to chip away at abortion rights, puts teen girls in danger. A pregnant teen shouldn't be forced to tell her parents about the abortion for the very reasons she couldn't tell them in the first place. The exceptions that would allow her to get around this mandate are cumbersome and delay the time-sensitive situation. Pregnant teens shouldn't have to navigate the legal system on their own to request permission from a judge. An abortion is a personal matter. Young women deserve confidentiality and the right to make decisions about their bodies.

I am lucky that I and women I care about have had access to safe and confidential abortions. It is heartbreaking to imagine that access to this right could be taken from our young sisters in California. I urge everyone to learn more about why so many people are fighting Prop 4 and VOTE NO on this measure - please!

PS: Since I started writing this post, the "pro-life" commercial has aired again. Ironically, it framed this breaking local scandal on the 11 o'clock news (!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Start of Tease-O-Rama//End of Jules Verne

Last night Phillip and I dropped by Good Vibes for the Tease-O-Rama kick-off party, which was mostly drinking wine to the Devil-ettes go-go dancing around dildo and strap-on displays. We then met Joseph to catch the flaming Jules Verne space freighter dot across the 8:43PM sky from the patio of Revolution. The cello-heavy jazz eulogized the cosmic pyre beautifully - Oh Jules, thank you for your service!

Devil-ettes and harnesses; debut of the Diné dress!

Sianora JV!

Tease-O-Rama Press Release


"The Best of The Best in New Burlesque"
Announces ROADSHOW 2008
Presented by Zumanity

Tease-O-Rama--The World's PREMIERE International Burlesque Showcase and Convention--is taking it on the road in 2008! Over 200 Gorgeous Gals and Guys in 10 Daring Dazzling Days of Madcap Mirth and Misadventure! All the Glamour and Excitement you've come to expect from Tease-O-Rama—only MORE of it!

The Main Event: Tease-O-Rama 2008--four delirious days and nights in sultry San Francisco! The Brightest Stars in the Glittering Galaxy of burlesque return for "The Best of The Best in New Burlesque!" Jaw-dropping entertainment by night, "How to" classes by day! See the show this year--BE the show next year! October 2nd – 5th, 2008

*Swinging It in Seattle, September 26th
*Pumping It In Portland, September 27th
*Aweing them in Ashland, September 29th
*Shaking and Shimmying in San Francisco, October 2nd – 5th, 2008

Tease-O-Rama is proud to partner with Zumanity™, The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil™. See a special performance from the sexy and seductive Las Vegas production of Zumanity™ at our Friday night showcase in San Francisco, October 3rd, 2008! Also…

Tease-O-Rama's annual official event program has now expanded to include the FIRST EVER guide to all things burlesque. This will be THE sourcebook on burlesque today for fans, event producers, performers and interested observers! The Big Book Of Burlesque will be given on entry to all Tease-O-Rama attendees in all cities, and will be available for purchase on-line after the event.

It's Gals and Gags Galore! Old Fashioned burlesque as YOU like it! Ooh La La!

Alan Parowski
E-Mail: spacecapades@hotmail.com
Phone: 925.586.2429
Website: http://www.teaseorama.com

Who is Performing at Tease-O-Rama 2008?

Your Tease-O-Rama MC, Miss Kitten on the Keys!

The Incredible Catherine D'Lish (Hollywood)
Dirty Martini (New York City)
The Legendary Satan's Angel
Ostrich.com Presents Michelle L'amour (Chicago)
Lola the Vamp (Australia)
The Devil-Ettes (San Francisco)
Reigning Queen of SF Carnaval: Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers (SF)

Friday October 2nd – Rare SF Appearance by Zumanity Performers!

Hot Pink Feathers - SF
The Twilight Vixen Revue - Oakland
San Francisco's Kitty Kitty Bang Bang - SF
Myths and Legends - LA
Clandestine - SF
Ooh la La Bellydance - SF
The Cock-Ts - SF
Rev. Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls - New Orleans
SF Boylesque – SF

Special Co-Emcee for October 4th ONLY - Peaches Christ
Miss Indigo Blue - Seattle
Jo Boobs - NYC
Kitten de Ville - LA
Mimi LeMeaux - San Diego
Cardinal Cyn - Austin
Kalani Kokonuts - Las Vegas
Vivienne VaVoom - Denver
Amber Ray - Brooklyn
Delirium Tremens - Brooklyn
Isis Starr - SF
Alotta Boutte - SF
Harvest Moon - Brooklyn
Sparkly Devil & Jerkfried - SF
The Flying Fox - SF
Holiday O'Hara - SF
Chica Boom - SF
Roky Roulette - SF
Ava Garter - LA
Scotty the Blue Bunny - SF
Midnite Martini - Denver
Amelie Soleil - UK
Bobbie Burlesque - LA
Ernie Von Schmaltz - Redmond
Tatah DuJour - Key West
Meghan Mayhem – Honolulu
Cherokee Rose - Chicago
Delilah - SF
Foxy Tann – Minneapolis
Shabnam – SF
Pookie Patootie - NYC
Honey Touche' - Denver
Mynx D'Meanor - San Diego
Polly Wood – Seattle
Sophia Sirena - LA
Flame Cynders - LA
Topaz - Chicago
Perillium - SF
Bombshell Betty – SF
Dottie Lux - SF
Fanny Tastic - Chicago
La Cholita - LA
Mimi First - Chicago
Ravenna Black – Seattle
Mitzy Cream - Canada
Devillia de Dallas - SF
Dominique Trixx - IL

Thursday Meet & Mingle at the Rickshaw Stop with Bardot A Go Go DJs! (http://www.bardotagogo.com)

Your hosts Kingfish & Eddie of Hubba Hubba Revue - SF
Trixy Vixen - UK
Lady Monster - SF
Ruby Fuerza - SF
Peekaboo Burlesque - SF
The Sugarplum Elves - SF
Bunny Pistol - SF
The Honey Buns - Chicago
Ruby White - SF
Belles Du Jour – SF
Ms Violetta Beretta - Hawaii
Bombshell Betty Burlesqueteers – SF
HoopGirl – SF
Kiki Bomb – SF

A schedule of performers is available at http://www.teaseorama.com/schedule.html

Thursday October 2nd
The Rickshaw Stop
Meet and Mingle Dance Party - Rub Elbows with the stars of Tease-O-Rama!
155 Fell Street, San Francisco CA
Doors 9pm (21+)

Friday October 3rd and 4th
Bimbo's 365 Club
1025 Columbus Avenue,
San Francisco CA
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
Tease-o-rama 2008
$40 general ticket per evening
$100 VIP ticket
Purchase advance tickets for these shows online at http://www.teaseorama.com/tickets.html

VIP Ticket (Includes tickets to BOTH Friday and Saturday night's performances. PLUS a discount to both the Tease-O-Rama finale Movie Night and all daytime convention classes PLUS a limited edition Tease-O-Rama Canvas Bag filled with special VIP goodies! VIPs are automatically entered in a chance to win tickets to Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity in Las Vegas!!)

Dean Martin is the ultimate space age bachelor/swingin' secret agent in this ultra-cool spy spoof co-starring bombshell Stella Stevens and a bevy of beautiful babes, with a killer striptease opening scene featuring saucy Cyd Charisse! Hosted by Will the Thrill with prizes, surprise short films and more! Plus live on stage: Kellita (Queen of Carnaval), Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle) and Miss Delirium Tremens (NYC) Sunday, October 5, 5PM, $10

THE CERRITO SPEAKEASY THEATER, 10070 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito
3 blocks from El Cerrito Plaza BART! Full dinner menu including beer and wine!

Le Fine Print: All tickets are all non-refundable. Promoters are not responsible for cancellation of any of said acts. All ticket purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges. Thank you.


Tease-O-Rama Daytime Activities Sponsored by BurlyCon 2008!

Not only does Tease-O-Rama have evening performances and a closing night movie party, it is also a series of workshops and events from the experts of Burlesque. The classes offered at Tease-O-Rama are a delicious taste of fun and wisdom from instructors all across the U.S. These daytime activities provide opportunities for performers, future performers, enthusiasts, scholars and curious bystanders to learn more about burlesque old and new.

We know you'll love the daytime activities at Tease-O-Rama! And if you want more information about the full weekend of non-stop Burlesque educational offerings at BurlyCon 2008, please visit www.burlyconseattle.com.

DETAILED CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AT http://www.teaseorama.com/activities.html!!

All classes held at Fort Mason (Located on the SF Bay between Golden Gate and the Marina district, Fort Mason does not have a street address. Entrance is at the corner of Marina Boulevard and Buchanan Street. Location info/Directions available at www.fortmason.org)
Wristband Daypasses are available on the day of the event.
Individual classes: $7 performers/$10 general
Daypass: $18 performers/$25 general
9:30 am Pinup Photography: Shimmy Magazine's Dale Rio
9:30 am The Art of Glove and Stocking Removal: Jo Boobs
10:30 am Burlesque Makeup: Cardinal Cyn
10:30 am Tassel Twirling: Miss Indigo Blue
11:45 AM Queer Burlesque: Kentucky Fried Woman
11:45 AM Parasols and Boas: Lola the Vamp
11:45 AM Pure Hips: Michelle L'Amour
12:45 PM Burlesque Corsetry: Dark Garden Corsetry
12:45 PM Burlesque Boyfriends/Girlfriends Panel: Franky Vivid
12:45 PM Fan Dancing with Anything: Dirty Martini
Afternoon Classes with Burlesque STARS of Yesterday and Today!!
1:45 The Big Reveal with Catherine D'Lish REGISTER NOW! http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/44100
2:45 Satan's Angel Tells it Like it Was REGISTER NOW! http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4409

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tease-O-Rama Site in Action

Feeling uninspired in the blog department these days ---> here is my page on the Tease-O-Rama site. At least that's something!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lots of Birthdays. Lots of Parties. Lots of Crashing Parties.

This weeks efforts to get healthy and cut back on the sauce (which as of late had been making appearances three nights a weekend plus Tuesdays) quickly came unhinged with the unusual number of birthdays and parties.

David threw Erin a wonderful Italian feast for her BIG 2-gulp-4 on Wednesday, which was well attended by the Cornell San Francisco chapter, among others.


Hello Cute

Ruby, Andy, Barby, Kevin "blast from the past" Borden; Wolfgang and Simon

Last night we feted Lawrence's birthday at Foreign Cinema with his wife, kids, Bobby, Katie, and me in attendance.

On our way out of the restaurant we notice a commotion across the street at the Vanguard building. We slid in, grabbed a glass of champagne and learned too soon that we were witnessing the book release party for SKIRTworking: How to Network Using SKIRT, a girl-power businesswoman guide that reeks of the spawn of Carrie Bradshaw. We took a queue from the flowing cosmopolitans and rampant crowding of over-processed 30somethings in cocktail dresses and GOT THE HELL OUTTA THERE. If there has to be petty entrepreneurs making money (ugh capitalists) then empowered women might as well be a part of it - I don't want to be a hater. It's just that there is something so trite about this demographic. Especially the magenta/leopard/stilettos combination.

After rolled down to Pier 28 for the IDEO party and ended up kicking it with the CEO and the CTO beneath the Bay Bridge. I gather that this design firm is probably one of the best places to work ever based on condition of most IDEO employees at 10:30 PM. Talk about getting high on company time! We made a quick stop to play pinball at PowerHouse, already in gear for the Folsom Street Fair. Then finally to weasel our way into the Tech Crunch party, where we did in fact see that asshole on a Segway.

Birthday Boy with his boy and girl; Balmy love

Bobby and Lawrence "skirtworking" themselves; the offensive book cover

IDEO under the Bay Bridge

Industrial Designers getting funky. Way funky.

Tech Crunch

Monday, September 8, 2008

More from Club Sandwich

Sarah and I drove out to Jenn's co-op in Oakland on Saturday night to catch another Club Sandwich presentation. Jenn+co projected the movies on a screen amid the wild overgrowth of the co-op's massive backyard urban garden (the have honey bees!). There was a strange added soundtrack of cricket chirp mixed with the rumble of the elevated BART rail overhead.

photo credits: Karl Dotter

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Petaluma and Bolinas, CA: Into the Woods!

Roomie and I abstractly conceived the plan at Thursday Night Glug Glug and didn't make much effort in terms of preparation until Bone, the final piece in our camping trifecta, picked us up on Saturday morning. We loaded his trunk with most of Lawrence and Bobby's camping supplies plus some food and headed for Highway One to hunt for the perfect site to pitch a guerrilla tent. Getting from point A to B ended up flipping through the whole alphabet to Z, as all of the beach spots were too windy and the land locked locations were either too unguarded or required too much trespassing. The legit campgrounds were full as well.

We were still errantly searching for accommodations as evening approached. I made a chance phone call to the "Petaluma KOA" - a recommendation from one of the previous campground inn keepers who had turned away this Little Baby Jesus. If you, like I, are/were ignorant of this organization, please note that KOA stands for "Kampgrounds of America," apparently a staple of American recreation. Who knew. I got us the last reservation and we booked it to Petaluma and made it just before dark. Petaluma, the "Egg Capital of America," is a funny little town about an hour north east of the city if you take the hypotenuse. We didn't (see map).

Bone and Katie pitched the tents and we settle in for a night by the campfire amid the 1272 other people at the KOA. It was strange to be on a tiny plot of nature next to rows of other families going about normal life in a very visible way. We were nestled between a large Filipino group, a couple of Scots with toddlers, and a hick family. People brought their whole houses - speaker systems, table cloths, doormats placed outside the tents. We were by all means the least prepared, a fact that sunk in when we realized we had no light (save a pocket sized flashlight that Roomie promptly broke at sundown) and no place to sit. Yikes! Roomie made a very luxurious tent for us and we slept well.

My only real problem with the KOA is that there is little social space to get freaky. The element of camping that I am attracted to the most (at all) is its room to wear a costume, play loud African music, and dance like a pagan around the fire. It was virtually impossible to accomplish this in Petaluma but I must say it didn't completely stop our souls from glowing.

Whoa Koa; setting up camp

Among the mishaps; laughing ass off


glamcamp!; it ain't pretty

In the morning we packed up, ate at a greasy spoon and headed back to Bolinas for the afternoon beach party. There was a good showing of ASGFs and BFs, though everyone straggled in on account of the traffic. By evening Bone had left and Roomie and I were left stranded in Loonsville with enough camping gear for a Himalayan expedition. Laura and Dante arrived then Bobby and Laurence, who generously let us shack up in their room at Smiley's for the night. The six of us ate and drank a bit and watched the locals of all ages get funky at the Saloon.

The 'Moes, Roomie, Lu and I ate breakfast at the Bolinas Peoples Store (Coastal Cafe was closed, plus we had already eaten there twice on Sunday) outside of the ever-infested Free Box. We hit Point Reyes National Seashore by noon and began our four mile hike to Bass Lake for an afternoon of nature. Lula was a really good sport about the schlep and even put up with a couple of dunks in the lake. Bobby and Laurence were particularly frisky.

We were all pretty haggard and ate dinner in Point Reyes, concluding our epic trek into the wilderness on Labor Day weekend. After 60 hours of Roughin It it was good to be home.

Bolinas surfing safari; Lu and pug (not Vienna)

Total sherpa; Smiley's

Balmy Casa hiking to Ass Lake

Scenic overlook of Pt Reyes

Lake Bass; Lula with the 'Moes

Lesson about Nature: One must resign all notions of vanity upon pitching tent.