Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lots of Birthdays. Lots of Parties. Lots of Crashing Parties.

This weeks efforts to get healthy and cut back on the sauce (which as of late had been making appearances three nights a weekend plus Tuesdays) quickly came unhinged with the unusual number of birthdays and parties.

David threw Erin a wonderful Italian feast for her BIG 2-gulp-4 on Wednesday, which was well attended by the Cornell San Francisco chapter, among others.


Hello Cute

Ruby, Andy, Barby, Kevin "blast from the past" Borden; Wolfgang and Simon

Last night we feted Lawrence's birthday at Foreign Cinema with his wife, kids, Bobby, Katie, and me in attendance.

On our way out of the restaurant we notice a commotion across the street at the Vanguard building. We slid in, grabbed a glass of champagne and learned too soon that we were witnessing the book release party for SKIRTworking: How to Network Using SKIRT, a girl-power businesswoman guide that reeks of the spawn of Carrie Bradshaw. We took a queue from the flowing cosmopolitans and rampant crowding of over-processed 30somethings in cocktail dresses and GOT THE HELL OUTTA THERE. If there has to be petty entrepreneurs making money (ugh capitalists) then empowered women might as well be a part of it - I don't want to be a hater. It's just that there is something so trite about this demographic. Especially the magenta/leopard/stilettos combination.

After rolled down to Pier 28 for the IDEO party and ended up kicking it with the CEO and the CTO beneath the Bay Bridge. I gather that this design firm is probably one of the best places to work ever based on condition of most IDEO employees at 10:30 PM. Talk about getting high on company time! We made a quick stop to play pinball at PowerHouse, already in gear for the Folsom Street Fair. Then finally to weasel our way into the Tech Crunch party, where we did in fact see that asshole on a Segway.

Birthday Boy with his boy and girl; Balmy love

Bobby and Lawrence "skirtworking" themselves; the offensive book cover

IDEO under the Bay Bridge

Industrial Designers getting funky. Way funky.

Tech Crunch


Brian said...

you go girl!
you are totally dangerous life of alter(-native) girls(boys)!

Katie Lerin said...

Laura Ingalls sure had a good time!

Katie Lerin said...

also, lets try to make it to folsom street fair. The powerhouse has inspired me. (and don't pull the "i'm catholic" card... i know you want to go)

Brian said...

not sure if "lots of crashing parties" is an appropriate title considering the date.

what is a crashing party anyway

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

look brian, we talked about this. the tile of the post was totally coincidental. and um also, it doesn't seem like you are well acquainted with am i right or am i right?