Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween from the most halloweenie place on earth! It sure beats this place!

It was super exciting and satisfying to spend my first Second Favorite Holiday in the Crescent City. I dressed as an elephant tamer on Friday night to celebrate at the Skull Club then at Mimi's. Beloved Pete's bffff and I had a cosmic run-in from across the bar after so many missed connections, though I may have mortally offended his 3l girlfriend by cracking JD jokes. FTR: was laughing "with" not "at"! I'm relieved that local vocabulary has yet to be poisoned with the inclusion of the term meangirl. Fewer people - including the lot of esquires in training - wore costumes than expected. Fortunately for everyone in sight, our gang was out in full pageantry.

The following day I was the vuvelezist in an eight-piece mariachi band for the holiday marathon. We kicked off Saturday with a filigree-sewing/dranks party at Diné's house, posed for beaucoups photos at the parade on Decatur, took over a beautiful garden home in the Quarter, and caught the homecoming performance of HFRR at Always Lounge. Masha and Emily were in town and Stella finally moved back so there were extra juicy characters to reckon with. The night ended at the street party on Frenchmen that was still roaring when I left for the second time at 4am. I've never seen so many Snookis/sexy bumble bees/wonder women/Brees fangirls dancing on the roofs of parked cars in my life. Guess I'll have to wait until Mardi Gras?

I was planning on debuting Bernhard's sequin mermaid tube skirt today but we spent the afternoon picnicking on the Mississippi (at the Fly!). By dusk it was time for me to head home to hit zee books for tomorrow's Physiology exam. Sigh.

The task for All Saint's Day is to collect the various articles of costume on loan to friends across the city. I easily outfitted at least five homies with items from the Ruby Fuerza Archives (the fruit hat was stoked to finally get some action). A lifetime of costume hoarding finally gives back to the community!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Orleans, LA: Long Lost Rubez

Remember me??? Waah waaah slacking at on account of taking 8 classes, trying to hold down a part time job, applying to nursing schools, and working at being super popular. I have some vidz to post from the past two months since I've moved for posterity's sake: pickles! gators! red wood trees!

In the meantime, today was a great birthday considering I spent 80% of it in school/studying/stressing about my chemistry exam tomorrow. 25 was the best year ever (thus far - esp in comparison to the great Cuernavaca helote incident of '09)! For the record: I LOVE LIFE!

And you are the best.

Tomorrow: first effort at Louisiana glam camping for a party of 12. Good thing Diné has picked up the organizing slack where I have left off. Sigggh.