Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Orleans, LA: Long Lost Rubez

Remember me??? Waah waaah slacking at on account of taking 8 classes, trying to hold down a part time job, applying to nursing schools, and working at being super popular. I have some vidz to post from the past two months since I've moved for posterity's sake: pickles! gators! red wood trees!

In the meantime, today was a great birthday considering I spent 80% of it in school/studying/stressing about my chemistry exam tomorrow. 25 was the best year ever (thus far - esp in comparison to the great Cuernavaca helote incident of '09)! For the record: I LOVE LIFE!

And you are the best.

Tomorrow: first effort at Louisiana glam camping for a party of 12. Good thing Diné has picked up the organizing slack where I have left off. Sigggh.

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