Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyday the 14th

Agreed. I hate birthdays. But here I make a distinction: I love birthday parties! ¿Por qué? Porque throwing a party in the face of age says, "Ha! Time! I beat you to it - and I'm celebrating!" It's proactive. It is also fun.

Phillip hosted the bash at his new digs. We served cheap champagne punch in fancy champagne glasses with cocktail weenies (pigs in a blanket) and whole grain mustard. The weenies were pretty much the impetus for this party - I have been drooling over them every since Darby served them at her cruelly titled Trailer Park Christmas party in 2005. They were a hit! We devoured 160 of those piglets plus an entire vanilla sheet cake and and dozen and a half bottles of "sparkling wine," chilled on ice in the claw-foot bathtub. I wore a couture dress - a sartoral must for any serious fete - designed and crafted by Brooklyn designer and friend of friend, Desira Pesta.

A big THANK YOU to the guests brought special treasures. The most curious item came from Ben, Alex, and Pete: it is a mystery bone presented on a bed of black fabric with a dried red rose. They found it hiking in Bolinas but we have no idea what it is (mamalian? avian? reptialian?) - any guesses?

It was a joy to see everyone! I am lucky to have such lovely friends!

Ruby+Nicole; Krista, Alex, Jessica, Laura

Kevin, Andy, Jessica; Kevin, Pete, Ruby, Rumi

Sweet Nelson; Cake+Mathew

Ashish!; Burlesque! - Tiffany, Max, Siah

Sarah+Raf; Milkshake

ASG/BFs; Erin and Simon

Oh look! Hipsters came to my birthday!; Ron

Mystery bone (?)!

PS - Can you believe NOT ONE chapagne flute was mozeltov'ed??


Daniela said...

Your dress was beeyootiful. The color was a supreme match for you.

Happy 24, again!

Daniela said...

BWAHAHAHA, just noticed your link to that photo of my bday dress.

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

do you have a better link?? that is the only nod i could find...

Daniela said...

haha nah, i didn't take many photos that night, you might say we were WIRED ;)