Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fruit Hat and Rigamorticians

October season presents a challenge: I love dress-up and costumery but sometimes it is hard to whip up a proper outfit for a Halloween party when every day dress so frequently blurs the line between holiday and the pret-a-porter. However, since I will likely be shotgunning cans of Hamm's with a stiff bunch of Democrats in a suburban Columbus bowling alley on ZEE Halloween, I had to squeeze in as much disfrazing as possible this weekend.

Friday night: Gaby's birthday party. The task: dress as your alter ego. Easy: I in a Carmen Miranda-esque get-up and Roomie as a Ren Faire maiden.

Saturday night: Much more in line with historical preferences: Zombie Pin-up Calendar launch party. Too bad I lost my purse (I found it today!) and made us miss the party. But then Laura, Daniela, Roomie and I stayed decked out as retro zombie babes and went to a gallery space masquerade party where we converted a legion of unassuming humanz into brain-guzzling rigamorticians on the dance floor. We didn't have a camera to take pictures of the gore but hopefully Kasia's shots will materialize. On a cute note, we told everyone we mistook masquerade on the invite for MASS GRAVE! Mwhahaha!

Haggard Ruby and Rengirl; Ruby+Daniela+Laura+Roomie want your GUTZZZ

Zombie school drop outs

It's hard to be a limp-wristed zombie whilst holding a booze cup - photo credit Kasia C-MvB

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Heather said...

Has anyone ever noticed that Ruby Fuerza looks exactly like Kenley Stiles from Project Runway but has the personality of..Julia Donahue?

The makeup and costumery is masterful. A Party City for the Revolution!

I love Ruby Fuerza.