Friday, October 17, 2008

Miami, FL: ¡Afuego!

Alex aptly commented that it must be my birthday if my travel schedule is heavy in mid-October. Indeed, I hate (my) birthday(s). It's an immature inclination inherited from my mother, who, up until about four years ago, had misinformed me of her actual birthyear throughout my entire life.

With birthdays just passed our about to, Alessandra, Lauren and I impetuously met in Miami Beach to deny the passing of time. Miami is a special spot for us, as it is the site of a memorable 2001 Spring Break back when we were wild and crazy sixteen year olds, a pale flock of rarae aves among the tanned and trashy. Now we are just wild and crazy 20-somethings, equally pasty (minus Ales), and it isn't as cute.

We spent each of my three nights doing as those do when in Miami: wearing "party tops" (actually I was the only one wearing party tops, everyone else was chic), chugging redbull and vodkas, slinking into VIP sections (gawd, when was the last time I did any of those things??), hating on everyone and staying out past dawn. We slept in late and, gracias a our hostess Monica, spent a lot of time on Key Biscayne, doing as the Key Rats do. We ate at Sir Pizza and swam at the Key Biscayne Beach Club. We cursed Castro over Cuban coffee and pastelitos de guayaba. We spent the entire Sunday at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club, flush with boaters from Miami Regatta Weekend.

A few observations re:Miami:
1) There is absolutely zero recycling and the use of plastic utensils, dishware and bottles is rampant across all classes of drinking/dining. Call me a dirty hippy but it was really weird and bothersome.

2) Speaking of rampant, I have never seen so many cougars in my life. We had the joy of witnessing a den of them in their natural habitat all day at the yacht club (see Ales's nice paparazzi shot). The outfits (and the braces!) were incredible! ROAR!

3) There really are McCain/Palin signs all over! But I saw some Obama/Bidens too.

4) Ed Hardy and all of his knock-offs must die, especially in the form of rhinestone studded trucker hats.


Beach Club

Birthday Frens aka Club LLama

Party people


Two photos, two dirty Italians who jumped into both of our shots. Note: the Nikki Beach photographer did NOT post
the photo I requested he take of us "dancing like animals." RUDE!

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