Monday, October 6, 2008

Tease-O-Rama Reportback


My Teaseorama show went really well - and really quickly once it happened - last Thursday night. I was the third to last act so didn't go on until after midnight. I spent the first three hours of the show anxiously pacing, not really drinking, and not really hanging out with my dear friends who came for the show (thanks Erin+Dave! thanks Raf+Sarah! thanks Laura+Dante! thanks Philly+Katie!). When it was finally my turn to go on stage I didn't feel a thing. The crowd was extra rambunctious by that point so I felt encouraged to ham it up. The only bump in the road came when I had to improvise on account of leaving part of my costume at home like an eeeeediot! When the show finished I got so much positive feedback from everyone, especially other performers - such true compliments. I was happy to be back in the game again and get a chance to catch up with many of the familiar faces of the SF burlesque scene after a seemingly forever hiatus.

More from the weekend to come!

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Katie Lerin said...

hands down the act that got the crowd at their loudest. yelps, hollers and cheers! well done love.