Monday, September 28, 2009


Friday night was ZOMBIE BAR CRAWL. A little idea organized by yours truly and Treat Ave friends. We got a little blog shout out so strangers came! Unfortunately we were really hungover from the Philz party, ordered pizza that took forever to arrive, and thus showed up at the meet up spot an hour late. Some strangers stuck around anyway. After Dirty Theives we went to the Phonebooth where we ate more brainz and expanded our posse. By the time we left PB for Beauty Bar we were rolling 15 deep in an epic way down Mission St. We had a great zombie chorus going, chanting "joooooooin us!" to everyone, "hiiiiipster!!" to hipsters (this offended SEVERAL people), "Sex and the Ciiiiiiiiity!" to party tops, and "cheeeeeerry bluntzzzz!!" to each head shop passed. Laura picked up some more strangers on the way too. We tore it up at Beauty Bar for a long time. The Guru Crew came and got bloody too. When we left there bar there was a puddle of blood coating the dancefloor. Ha - fuck them! We trolled down to Amnesia until last call then ended too late at Avery's house party back in our neck of the woods. A total success. My only regrets are the lack of photos and my ruined shoes.

Next crawl: Friday, October 30th IN THE MARINA!! MORE BLOOD!! MORE GLORY!

Ritual Homecoming

Thursday night was Ritual's homecoming party. The baristas shut it down and threw a rager (we were Christy's hot dates even though she was MIA until the end. Eh hem). Katie - that little sneak - brought a stack of Philz's napkins and we had the party animals wrap their drinks in them. HAHAHAHA!!!

The Guru graciously photographed our awesome party outfits (hello fur! fringe! sparkles!) which were second only to Christy's amazing prosthetic hair.


We spent Sunday afternoon at the Folsom Street Fair, the world's largest leather/fetish event. Photos courtesy of Ben Hyphen (Pete tell me if you want me to remove the leash photo).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whiplash Part 3

Two fun shots by Ryan Castañeda:

Whiplash Part 2

And a few portraits by Ryan Castañeda:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whiplash Girlchild

Last night Katie and I went over to Katelyn and Ryan's house to pose for Ryan's photography portfolio. We got really creative (er freaky! who me? I'M CATHOLIC!) with some props and filled up four memory cards. I envision using some of these images for the still hypothetical Ruby, Shrimp, and Dusti Present: A New Orleans Burlesque Gong Show! Laura and Henrique came by later and took some savory engagement photos.

Ryan isn't close to sifting through them but here is a preview courtesy of my unipixel blackberry camera:

one gas mask is Israeli and one is German

obviously the juiciest booty photo of my lifetime!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alameda, CA: All Souls Day

Larry and I participated in an action with a group of performers from HYpE Oakland at the Pete Stark town hall meeting at Alameda City Hall on Saturday. I take no credit for the design and coordination of the action - I just showed up!

We dressed in white clothes and wore white body make-up. We wore placards with the names of people who had private insurance but died from treatable illnesses because their claims were denied or delayed. I represented the life of Belinda Bach, a 28 year old musician from Los Angeles who died in 2007 from the failure of a delayed liver transplant. My fellow players represented similarly tragic stories.

We had originally planned to interact with the crowd inside the building. However, when we arrived there was already a large overflow of people trying to get inside. We took advantage of the wide sidewalks and began to interact with people. We remained silent but distributed quarter cards and periodically posed in sync with each other.

Most people gave really positive feedback - if only for keeping the umpteenth town hall meeting interesting! There were two right wingers with large signs who kept engaging some of the performers. Their arguments were weak and they couldn't come up with much more than unverified Bible quotes. When we finished one of the men approached our group and commended us for the presentation.

The group plans to develop the performance for future events. Stay tuned!

Photos by Aryeh Shell