Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SF Leftovers: Eskimo Frenz

Here are Melinda's pictures from the Low Tide/(Not) My Going Away Party. I hope she is my boyfriend in my next life as a fashion blogger. Can't beat 'em.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SF Leftovers: Fangirl Sez Goodbye/Clown Hair at Its Worst

Here I am with my #1 DJ in all of SF at my last Debaser before Chris, Jamie, and I hugged it out on the empty dance floor of the Knockout. It was a magical moment but also embarrassing because my crushed velvet dress was completely soaked in my and other people's sweat. It made for a moist goodbye (ew).

PS: The shot was mysteriously removed from the photo set on facebook soon after publication. I have my theories!

SF Leftovers: Word Treasure

Here is the complete list of magnet words that Ana made for me (with input from Shrimp). Awww my Gu knows me so well. I treasure you!

Heart of literal gold

coney island mermaids

titty tassels

raccoon tail



divine & sweet

best style everrrr


dtf and dtb

ambivalent about ‘the country’

shrimp cocktails

coupons as pooper scoopers

natural born gu

likes it slow + syruppy

does funner stuff than i do on the weekends

negotiating contracts

heart sweater

burning man H8r

zzk v zzz

a little bit of everything good

Rogerian empathy and listening skillz


the most special

loved loved

left handed ruby racoon

sweater stealing


fan girl

going into nature

sparkles like a ruby



red emma


hot bod

Disney face

shameful about Spanish at Bajofondo




teenage dirtbag

cuidado ratones

would be a better gu than me


debaser fangirl # 1

post-food v. feeding frenzy

bongo diners


finger bangin' mix

would rather dye


abusurd magnetism

not narci

curious patience

buried shadow



talks super fast

we are lucky

caffeine averse


abundance of love


seksi aura

we’ve never had a sleep over

all heartz all the time

doesn't fuck around




count on ruby

come back to cali soon

bound 4 succe$$

major babe


h8s cabs likes walking better

que se yo


“it’s in the mailbox”

Tish girl makes best vidz

has lots of bros around

some went to cornell lots didn’t

not haggard

24th St.

Dirty Thieves

Hubba Hubba

U da best





soul mate




rice and beans

chola + goth + pin up

authentic kindness



Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Orleans, LA: Trying to Forget the Alamo

Friday, August 13, 2010

Austin, TX: Marfa, Glamor Town in the Middle of Nowhere

Details with Marfa recommendations to follow....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marfa, TX: (vid finally 'rendered')


Our big vid is still loading but here are some bloopers!

Marfa, TX: Hi from West Texas

1,493 miles down!

We spent the day slaying through the remains of Arizona, the southwest corner of New Mexico, and a nice portion of west Texas. We made a few detours (sad attempts) to see some roadside attractions along the way. Our first planned sight was 'The Thing' in Benson, AZ but I was busy writing postcards and Shrimp was lost in the music when we passed the exit. Next we pulled off in Wilcox, AZ to take photos of the A&W Root Beer statues at Carter's Drive In. We had less luck with the next few attractions. The Tee Pee Cafe in Bowie, AZ was boarded up. The Shakespeare Ghost Town in Lordsburg, NM was closed for the day. We visited the Continental Divide marker in Separ, NM but it wasn't anything more exciting than a tchotchke store. Our final detour took us through the unsightly city of Las Cruces, NM for a peek at another of Peter Toth's Trail of Whispering Giants sculpture (I saw his other carving in Desert Hot Springs, CA).

After Las Cruces we buckled in for the long stretch of highway that runs along the Mexican boarder. We were stopped by boarder controls but they didn't catch us riding dirty (phewph). By the time we pulled onto Route 90 it was too dark to pose for obligatory photos in front of Prada Marfa in Valentine, TX. We didn't arrive at our final destination for the day, El Cosmico in Marfa, until close to 11pm on account of the time change (we're staying in a yurt - DROOL).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


1,006 miles down!

Joshua Tree was really special! We woke up early today for our private sound bath at the Integretron in Landers. Sandra and I went here during our desert adventure last spring; the vist was a first for Shrimp. The kind, old hippy leading our session first shared the history of the dome then colored the story with his own relationship to the sacred site. He first came to Landers with a group of new agers from the Bay Area in 1974 to meditate for peace with the Soviet Union and hasn't left since. Last year he was promoted as the third person (and first man!) to play the quarts crystal bowls during the sound bath. Our guide shared his experiences with alien visitors and explained that the region is particularly clear of cubic meters of cosmic bullshit. WE WERE ALL OVER IT.

Shrimp and I rested on yoga mats under hippy blankets with our heads pointed toward the center of the dome for the thirty minute session. As the guide played the bowls, the most soulful sounds notes filled the room and our bodies. I imagined each of my friends in San Francisco and sent them love. I did the same for my friends and family in New York and around the world. I opened my heart to the life that awaits me in New Orleans. There were many moments of joy. Some note-friend combinations were particularly wrought with emotion (Laura!). Once the bath finished we stayed in the dome for a while to come down from the high. We were giddy as we said goodbye to our host and drove back to Joshua Tree.

We picked up Lu from the motel and visited Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley. We stopped at the Institute of Metaphysics where I bought a few crystals from their giant selection (had I been any less zen I would have had a panic attack). We ate a delicious hippy lunch of veggie wraps and date shakes at Ricochet back in Joshua Tree. As Shrimp and I were awaiting our order, we met a true desert creature named Sharon, who was playing an over sized flute in anticipation of her meal. Sharon swung her pendulum wildly in the air as she guided me in a chant. Her intention was to help me let my "organisms" know that it is OK to leave San Francisco and that I can always go back. The scene was slightly unsettling to my inner Manhattanite but the sound bath had opened my heart so I welcomed her healing energy. Sharon left us with a copy of her music - it's the soundtrack to today's vid (oy!).

By the time we left Joshua Tree in the late afternoon we were floating. I was grateful for the experience, especially since half of the day's itinerary took us out of the cradling arms of the desert into the boundless sprawl surrounding Phoenix and Tuscon. Shrimp and I checked into Motel 6 in Benson, AZ by 10pm. We laughed our asses off trying to find something to eat at the truck stop across from our motel. We spent 30 minutes there and only left with a bag of peanuts and a bottle opener (I packed the Malbec from SF). This state is the pits.

Tomorrow: AZ, NM, TX. Stay tuned!


506.5 miles down!

Shrimp and I just checked into our humble accommodations at the Safari Motor Inn in Joshua Tree. I spent the first half of the morning sobbing on public transit/in the post office/at a cafe/on the stoop, then spent the other half with Kram and Shrimp trying to shove all of my stuff into the car. Our efforts were fairly successful. Only the jackalope, cow skull, and the goat coat stayed behind (Red Emma gone vegan?).

Shrimp and I finally made it out of the city by 1pm. We stopped in Bakersfield for a five course Basque feast at the popular Wool Growers Restaurant. Despite my recent, rapid reacclimation to the omnivorous world, the feast was too much. Only Shrimp tasted the tongue dish (scroll to 1:18 on the vid).

One day down, four to go. So tired! Must go to bed! Lu and my best friend are already snoring beside me.

PS: I'm avoiding this song at all costs too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Frenching Hard

Vid of boogiedayz @ Hard French:

Last Call


I spent my last weekend in San Francisco going about business as usual. Ana, Shrimp, and I caught the Zizek show (and backstage action!) at the Rickshaw Stop on Thursday. I used to go to the ZZK parties almost every week when I lived in Buenos Aires. Ana, of course, knows half of the label. I enjoyed the music more this time than I remember. Don't they say that if you live in San Francisco long enough you will eventually love electronic music?? You heard it here first: cumbia + dubstep = cumstep.

I enjoyed quality friend time with Ana and later Katie at Thieves and the Phonebooth on Friday. Ana presented me with the best surprise ever: custom magnetic poetry (see above). I am so jealous of myself! My friend knows me so well!!!

Courtney Trouble photo booth

Saturday was a marathon of neighborhood party fun. We cut zee rug at Hard French at El Rio then went back for more for my VERY LAST Debaser at the Knockout. I triple hugged it out at the end with Chris and my #1 favorite DJ and felt much better (pix forthcoming). My time in San Francisco came full circle when we ended up at an after party at a home we used to frequent during the CCA days.

Mission Mouse

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ciao Bella

photos by KG

Wah! Today was my last day of work. The day was short and anticlimactic. I'm really sad to leave such a great organization with really wonderful coworkers. It also sucks to not have an income anymore.

I can't believe I didn't already mention it: last month my boss (and role model!) Kelly threw me a surprise going away celebration with our co-workers from LA and Bill from New Mexico. The team surprised me with dinner at the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel after a mysterious trolley ride and a visit to Grace Cathedral. How did they know about my affinity for tiki bars?? PERFECT! The anatomical heart model and voo-doo books were icing on the cake. I'm really going to miss those guys!

Dock Love

The low tide party was magical! Our reconnaissance mission to scope out the site paid off! The tie charts we consulted didn't lie!

The party planners and homies rolled up on bikes at around 8:30pm last Firday. We shimmied down the mouth of the broken dock's underbelly and set up shop on some rocks. Tea lights set in plastic milk jugs (thanks, Haus!) illuminated the space. The cavern was almost pitch black. A bunch of different friend groups arrived within the hour. Almost everyone I've ever known and loved in San Francisco came for the send off! The party eventually spilled out of the cave onto the top of the dock and everyone drank 40s (or at least I did?) in the unseasonably warm summer air. At the end of the party, when the tide started coming in, Megan Keely treated the remaining guests to three beautiful songs on her mini-guitar? banjo? The first song was the most special to me: a cover of Neil Young's "Pocahontas." Megan and I had a chance conversation about the song at an Ocean Beach bonfire back when I first moved to San Francisco. I have been asking her to play it for me since. SHE FINALLY DID AND IT WAS RAD (it's the soundtrack to the vid). Megan followed Pocahontas with Dolly's "Jolene" and an original song. The candlelit performance really made my night. It was such a lovefest. Thanks, friends!

After we packed up and hit the road the night continued. Some among us may or may not have set off firecrackers on 16th and South Van Ness.