Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marfa, TX: Hi from West Texas

1,493 miles down!

We spent the day slaying through the remains of Arizona, the southwest corner of New Mexico, and a nice portion of west Texas. We made a few detours (sad attempts) to see some roadside attractions along the way. Our first planned sight was 'The Thing' in Benson, AZ but I was busy writing postcards and Shrimp was lost in the music when we passed the exit. Next we pulled off in Wilcox, AZ to take photos of the A&W Root Beer statues at Carter's Drive In. We had less luck with the next few attractions. The Tee Pee Cafe in Bowie, AZ was boarded up. The Shakespeare Ghost Town in Lordsburg, NM was closed for the day. We visited the Continental Divide marker in Separ, NM but it wasn't anything more exciting than a tchotchke store. Our final detour took us through the unsightly city of Las Cruces, NM for a peek at another of Peter Toth's Trail of Whispering Giants sculpture (I saw his other carving in Desert Hot Springs, CA).

After Las Cruces we buckled in for the long stretch of highway that runs along the Mexican boarder. We were stopped by boarder controls but they didn't catch us riding dirty (phewph). By the time we pulled onto Route 90 it was too dark to pose for obligatory photos in front of Prada Marfa in Valentine, TX. We didn't arrive at our final destination for the day, El Cosmico in Marfa, until close to 11pm on account of the time change (we're staying in a yurt - DROOL).

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