Tuesday, August 10, 2010


506.5 miles down!

Shrimp and I just checked into our humble accommodations at the Safari Motor Inn in Joshua Tree. I spent the first half of the morning sobbing on public transit/in the post office/at a cafe/on the stoop, then spent the other half with Kram and Shrimp trying to shove all of my stuff into the car. Our efforts were fairly successful. Only the jackalope, cow skull, and the goat coat stayed behind (Red Emma gone vegan?).

Shrimp and I finally made it out of the city by 1pm. We stopped in Bakersfield for a five course Basque feast at the popular Wool Growers Restaurant. Despite my recent, rapid reacclimation to the omnivorous world, the feast was too much. Only Shrimp tasted the tongue dish (scroll to 1:18 on the vid).

One day down, four to go. So tired! Must go to bed! Lu and my best friend are already snoring beside me.

PS: I'm avoiding this song at all costs too.

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