Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bakersfield, CA: buck owens

greetings from bakersfield, ca! i am so tired i can barely blog but ive got a caffeine hangover and just can't sleep.

warning: siyo stop reading NOW!
i flew into la last night and was promptly picked up from bob hope international by alex and katie (alas, no aidan). we went to mexican and then to 'the house of pie' for a brownie sundae and more pie a la mode. we yacked all night long.

this morning alex and i woke up at the crack of dawn and he dropped me off at jollene's house in eagle rock. we guzzled massive coffees. we took the 5 two hours northeast to barkersfield. if you have never been to this place dont go. it is smogsville, smack in the central valley of california. this is why san francisco has no smog: it all blows into the valley and simmers on this state's bustling agricultural region. yum! you may also recognize this place for its dearth of culture, unless you use denny's and tanning salons as an indicator for societal vibrancy.

we hit the ground running in the cafeteria. this is my first true new organizing drive and it came completely naturally. we hustled all day and made a lot of ground. the emotional exhaustion of talking to strangers all day, some unfriendly, keeping track of the numbers, feeling the caffeine jitters, brought back memories of some union hysteria back in new york. it felt good to be stressed and challenged in that way again.

when the cafeteria closed for the afternoon we took a break and checked into the king of bakersfield hotels. our window shares a stunning view of the 'river run rv park' sign. we went to the bakersfield mall and i bought i a $6 vest from old navy. i also spent a lot of time in hot topic. having come of age in an area deplete of shopping malls i feel like i really missed out on this one. there is a very strong hot topic spirit within me and it took a lot of restraint not to buy pleather platforms and a plaid-mini kilt. i did come out with a pair of bow-peep thigh highs (for my shows!) and a pair of black tights with bones on them (on sale!). there is a lot to be said for shopping in economicaly depressed regions of the country - lots of bargains, lots of inventory.

we went back to the hospital for the dinner shift and made more progress. afterwards, the highlight of my trip: the 'buck owens crystal palace. i took a lot of pictures on my palm, but until i upload them i recommend googling this place. fantastic. on the way home i heard some great news from one of my delegates in santa rosa. here here!

to bed i go. tomorrow another day on the run.

Bakersfield!; Jollen poses with some of the many statuettes at the Crystal Palace.

Patrons getting down to the live music @ at BOCP; Jollene and her BOCP steak

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