Monday, January 21, 2008

gchat part two re: "black" american presidents in argentina

i was gchatting with chris wait who is in, drool, argentina about the coverage of our presidential elections on argie tv. it was really funny but (surprise!) he has our conversations on "private." once i closed the box that little gem of a chat it was lost in the cyperspace of mountain view.

anyhow, chris relayed to me a news piece he had just seen where the reporter was talking about hillary vs barak. he said, many people consider bill clinton to be the first black present of america and he is liked very much. blah blah blah his wife hillary to harness that support blah blah blah. however, he said, barak obama actually IS black (ES negro).

that is so bizarre and funny and totally sums up the argentine perspective on the us political machine. dine, i think you can testify to this having witnessed months of the bushokerry?bushokerry? experience.

ps - chris, feel free to correct my bastardization of the newscast.

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