Monday, January 28, 2008

re: Not Written by Greenhouse. Surprise surprise.

Moynihan under arrest at CM in 2005

A few days ago I posted an article from the Times about recent IWW/Starbucks protests in NYC by journalist Colin Moynihan. I had to stalk him further as soon as I learned (via google) that he had once been arrested at a Critical Mass demo (!). My aunt looked him up for me in the employee directory but he is unlisted - apparently he only freelances for the paper. I then turned to one of the most fundamental people sleuthing tools for more info: the Facebook message. Low and behold he wrote back (see below.) I appreciate the fact that he won't bad mouth an elder colleague. I do know however that in his heart of hearts he too thinks Greenhouse is pretty weak. Look at the links Moynihan sent over in defense of Greenhouse: Wal-mart? Oh wow. That sure is some ground breaking journalism. Who knew that Wal-mart was among the worst employers in the country? Sheesh. Wal-mart is probably the easiest, most indisputable subject matter to criticize for labor abuses. Get real.

Anyhow, he DID open the conversation for suggestions regarding future articles. I will definitely get back to him on that one!

re: nyt iww article
Between Colin Moynihan and You

10:15pm Jan 22nd
i am not a stalker but i did want to tell you i think you are the best writer for the times. perhaps you could replace that old fart greenhouse? labor needs more people like you writing in big media.


Sorry for taking a while to respond to your note.

I don't think that anybody will be replacing Steve Greenhouse--who I've had only postive encounters with--anytime soon. (Have you read any of the lengthy investigative stories he wrote about Wal-Mart? At the end of this message I will include links to two of the ones I remember best, in case you are interested.)

Although I enjoy writing about occasional labor issues I'm nothing close to a specialist on the subject. I'm more of a generalist in my interests and I like roaming around the city--from the Criminal Courts building on Centre Street to Lower East Side street corners to the far-flung reaches of the Coney Island Creek--and describing different aspects of life in New York.

But if you think there are any good labor stories that are being ignored, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading the Starbucks story and thanks even more for your kind words about it.

Good luck with everything,

Colin Moynihan


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