Friday, January 11, 2008

Hightimes on Valencia

Last night Phillip, Pete, and I went by the Elbo Room to boogie @ Afrolicious/Pleasuremaker for a minute. We left that joint and on the way home had a real hinkering when we ran into two wacked-out-in-a-giddy-way street kids coming out of a concert at Amnesia. What fortune! We had a charming moment, chatting laughing, and Phillip and one of the dudes realized they had identical scarves on. This is interesting because my mom just bought him that scarf for Christmas at a store that is definitely called BLOOMINGDALES. We lucked out with them and I appreciated their "if you have it, pay it" pitch which probably works all the time with new Mission-types. The one with the harmonica even said he would "suck [my] dick for a nickle." Nice. It was a totally charming San Francisco moment.

Does this post make me sound like a bougie asshole in more ways than one?

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