Monday, January 14, 2008

a glorious weekend! with no pants!

JD and cute girl @ 500 Club

no pants!

no pants!

the bluest water/sky/sweatshirt

no pants!

Bay Bridge and Treasure Island (my future home?)

This weekend was truly fantastic. Phillip and I woke up for brunch on Saturday and hit those shrooms we bought from the hippies earlier in the week. The weather was ideal, in the high 50s and very sunny. We walked down through the Mission and BARTed to the Embarcadero. It was a whole new world for me! I had never been to this part of town - I thought it is mostly for tourists. The view of the water was incredibly beautiful and blue. The antique cable cars run along this strip and look fantastic against the rows of palm trees with Coit Tower and Russian Hill lining the background. I was feeling really sentimental for my friends back home and was thinking about how pretty Sasha was on our trip to the Netherlands. We walked around looking for the sea lions but didn't see any. That is ok! I can't believe I live in San Francisco! It really freaks me out every time I pause to think about it. It couldn't have been a better day. We met up with Phillip's coworker Bart and participated in the annual "No Pants Day," or something like that. There were about 40 people when we got to the meet-up point at the Embarcadero BART stop. Everyone boarded the train at 3:00PM and took of their pants once it left the station. We stuck around for a few stops then took a walk around Dolores and tried to get a table at the Samovar Tea House but every dippy and their mom was there. We put our names in at Delfina and then got a couple of brewskis at 500 Club. The best part about going to the 500 Club during the day is the cheap-o prices!! I also ran into a girl there with similar sunglasses - she insisted on the photo-o/probably because she is a lot cuter than yours truly. We went for a big fat feast at Pizzaria Delfina. We sat at the bar overlooking the dudes who make the pizza. It was really funny because one of the dudes was really drunk and high and wouldn't stop blabbing about. They were all really cool though and our pizza amatriciana was fantastico! We hit the road after a couple of vinos and went home for a nap. We rallied and went for another big feast at Phillip's company's holiday dinner party at the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. I thought it was going to be a huge nerdfest but everyone was cool and the food was delicious. There was eighteen of us so they rented out a room with food and booze galore. After clocked in about four hours at that place we went back to the Mission to meet Andy Warner at the Phone Booth and then to his house. We hit the hay hard and relaxed most of Sunday. SO FUN!

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