Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bon Voyage!!

I just got back from our regional staff meeting in Oakland and learned that I will be going out of town on two more occasions. The following is my travel schedule for the next three months:

LA/Bakersfield, CA: January 16-18 --> cover work assignment (!)
Santa Fe, Cimayo, Truth or Consequences, NM: January 20-27 --> negotiations course, fun time
Las Vegas, NV: February 2-3 --> fun time!
Miami, FL: February 24-28 --> work event
Steamboat, CO: March 6-9 --> ski trip with dad and sister
New York, NY: March 14-18 --> home for St. Patrick's Day!


Alex said...

Your itinerary is nearly an exact geographical replica of the Celtic tetraskelion. This makes quite a bit of sense, considering you are mostly traveling in cycles of eight. I would anticipate periodic torment and tribulation at least up to New Mexico, but then it should be clear sailing. Have fun!

Alex said...
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Alex said...