Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Truth Is Out There

Tomorrow night Phillip and I plan to drive down to Roswell, NM and then leave for Truth or Consequences, NM on Saturday evening. I've been consulting several maps in preparation for the trip and noticed something fishy.

Exhibit A:
Map from Roswell to Truth or Consequences - source

Exhibit B:
Map from Roswell to Truth or Consequences - source (though appears to be powered by Google Maps)

Notice that in Exhibit A highway 380 pulls north around Holloman Airforce Base (the name of the giant unmarked gray blob, I think.) However, in Exhibit B, highway 380 cuts though the Base. One thought is that the second map (from a relatively low-traffic site) is less monitored than Google Maps, and therefore its accuracy has slid under the radar of censorship. Thoughts?

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Alex said...

380 goes right above the north border of the White Sands Missle Range, which is the largest military installation in the US. WSMR is said to have the same flight restrictions as Area 51 and another possible location of the main crash site. It is most famous for Trinity Site, where the first atomic device was detonated in a stretch of desert aptly called the Jornada del Muerte.