Thursday, January 24, 2008

"What Happens in Santa Fe Stays in Santa Fe" - Gary Teel, Business Manager IOUE

Today we wrapped up our final day of the course. Everyone left pretty energized and ready to use the newfound information on the ground. For many of us, the most valuable aspect of the training this week was the opportunity to connect with folks from across the movement: Gary from IOUE in Arizona, Will from the Mariners' out of NOLA, Laura from CSEA in San Diego, Laura from IFPTE representing Boeing workers, TK from Ankorage with the state police, and Cesar organizing the taxi workers in Las Vegas. I'm already planning on spending a day with Cesar's people when we go down to Vegas in a few weeks and I told Will I'd get in touch when I go down to NOLA to see Dine and Gams. I know I learned a lot from everyone; I think they learned from me too.

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