Monday, January 21, 2008

gchat part one re:my haunted home for six nights

me: hey! did you go to france???

Iris: in a few weeks
5:54 PM me: dang!
so exciteng
i write to you from teh turquoise bear
Iris: really? that's great!
5:55 PM me: what room did you stay in - the best one??
Iris: have you seen any ghosts yet?
not quite, hah
me: no
tell me the story
i am in the millay room
Iris: it was to the left of the ain building, detache from the rest
me: GULP!!
Iris: big wardrobe that i was sure was haunted
5:56 PM how do you like santa fe?
me: WHAT!!!!!
that is my wardrobe!
you stayed in this room??
Iris: i guess so
there's a shared bathroom above the door
me: above?
Iris: its all wooden and love
5:57 PM well, you step up from the room
me: yes
Iris: into the hallway that leads to the bathroom
me: yes!
Iris: don't you love the guys who run it- and their dogs!
me: wait!
Iris: they have great ghost stories
me: but get back to the ghosts!
oh gawd
5:58 PM Iris: i think it's someone's female friend, i can't remember
ask them about it, but be slick
me: slick?
Iris: they won't readily disclose the information
you gotta be sorta nonchalant, suave about it
5:59 PM me: i aksed them and one of them said "oh, you know, its all good"
im like, all good?? im scared of that shit!
Iris: have you had breakfast there yet?
delicious muffins and such
6:00 PM me: yes it was very good. except that i only sleep with the tv on out of fear so i am only half awak for the feast
Iris: i see
me: oh man

6:04 PM me: thank you for the info
did you stay in my room??
Iris: i think so
me: did you SEE anything
Iris: no
me: HEAR anything?
Iris: nor did we SENSE anything
me: ok
Iris: but that's one of the rooms that is notorious
me: WHAT
6:05 PM Iris: because it's old
me: waaah!
Iris: i'm sure you'll be fine
me: ok i am going to ask them on the last day i am here
Iris: unless you really want a visit
me: I DONT!
Iris: neither did i
me: i am going to bring some holy dirt in he room - will that help or hurt? maybe i should ask your aunt
Iris: jonathan really wanted it thoufj
me: typical!
6:06 PM Iris: heehee

5 minutes

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