Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just want to take the opportunity to toot the horn for two wonderful people in the news today:

1) Albany Times Union published Jordan's letter about farm worker rights in New York State:

"We will never be "one New York" as long as agricultural workers are categorically denied the basic rights and protections other workers have enjoyed for more than 70 years."

Jordan with Law and Order's Sam Donaldson at a Labor-Religion Coaltion Dinner

2) Phillip's TokBox got another press shout out in today's Guardian (UK):

"GMG, which owns the website, asked 120 influential digital practitioners to predict the brands, sites and people to watch this year. Respondents picked out the social travel network, the popular teen site Bebo, tech giants Apple and Microsoft as well as TokBox, the online video phone service."

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