Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day: A Re-cap

Phillip thoughtfully planned a secret Valentine's Day scavenger hunt extravaganza. Around 5:15 he dropped me off at a townhouse on 22nd and Guerrero with the first mystery clue in an envelope. Surprise!! A massage! It was great, and totally unexpected. I highly recommend the masseur, Adam. After an hour of zen the car was waiting for me downstairs and I received my next envelope with this invitation inside for the San Francisco Pillow Fight. I remember seeing pictures of the massive lucha de almohadas when I was in Buenos Aires but this was something else! We showed up about 45 minutes into the event at the Embarcadero and the fight was still raging. It looked like a Great Chicken Massacre - feathers were flying! people were hooting! total anarchy! Here are some good professional photos. We also took some video footage:

After checking out the fight we went to a wine bar near the TransAmerica building and exchanged some gifts. I gave Phillip two vintage cowboy shirts from a shop in Santa Rosa that I had been squirreling away for weeks. He gave me a jackalope (!!) and a print out of a new logo design for this here website. We are going to put it up this weekend so look out. The jackalope is coming in the mail but I will put up a picture of its majesty in our dining room as soon as it arrives. Drool. After some wine and olives we walked to North Beach for a 5-course Italian feast. My goal was to eat until one of the buttons popped off my dress. I almost made it but I was wearing my sturdy AY Not Dead dress and they just wouldn't budge. We went home and watched the start of Vertigo.

It was a really fantastic night. An ideal Valentine's Day in every way. Whadaaaguy!

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