Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charmed: Six Hours in the Hollywood Hills

I got into LA after midnight and would have fallen asleep at the wheel driving to Alex's new place if my renal car's GPS wasn't barking at me every two seconds. One can imagine the challenges of the course without a navigation system - below is a map of the roads from the freeway exit to the house, not to mention the 30 degree incline:

The east face of the house borders Griffin Park and with the panorama windows alongside my bed on the couch I felt like I was on an ideal camping trip: all things I like about camping ("nature") with out the aspects I hate (the weather, the accomodations, giant mountain lions, sleeping outside). It was helpful to have the sun as an alarm clock since I had to wake up so early to drive to Bakersfield. I was quite enchanted by the vision of the Hollywood sign from the back of the house on my way out of town. I think I stopped hating LA (I wanna be a STAH!)

Downtown LA by night; by day


View from the mater bedroom; neighbors

Proof of wildlife (fox prints? pumas?); Griffin Park - whence came that critter


Larry Farmsworth said...

hey julie, just an fyi

"scle·rite /ˈsklɪəraɪt, ˈsklɛr-/
–noun Zoology.
any chitinous, calcareous, or similar hard part, plate, spicule, or the like."

did you mean "sclerotic"?

lettin you know you've got a reader,


Ruby Fuerza said...

come to think of it, i meant neither!

thanks for keeping me on my toes - good to know someone is.

i think you ment to call my "juli"