Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fringe Culture

Inspired by a fantastic creme flapper dress recently lost on Ebay, Lula and I set out today to buy some fringe for a little DIY project. In my articulation of an ideal near future I will be performing so many solo burlesque numbers that I will require many homemade costumes with yards and yards of fringe. Today's effort was an experiment to test the feasability of this (at least the a costuming end). I ended up buying four yards of green fringe and a couple of fugly pink flowers. On the way home I stopped off at Mission Thrift and bought a vintage bra. In my fringe fury I also bought a black flapper dress. On Mission and 22nd I passed a Chinese grocery store and picked up a sunny red lantern (with yellow fringe on the bottom!)

Dress and lantern swish

It didn't take me too long to glue on the fringe. All in all it was pretty easy, but at 4 bucks a yard I think I can find a better deal from a trimming store downtown. Man, if I lived in NYC I would know exactly where to go. In SF, I am stuck yelping everything like a little tourist.

Hubba hubba!

I am satisfied with the overall outcome - it looks great with a lil shimmy in it! I think I will use shorter trim next time and maybe a better color.

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