Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rainy Weekend

It was raining when I flew into Oakland on Friday and it held through Sunday morning. Phillip and I ate a late dinner then went to his friend Megan's house in SOMA before going to an 'underground' party full of Burners until late. I have a lot of observations about this not-so-discrete SF subculture, but its perhaps best saved for a later post. On Saturday morning I picked up Heather and her friend and we went for brunch on Haight. We also found a body stocking for Heather to give to her friend as a birthday gift; we bought more tights. We had drinks at the MOMA with her father and friend and went to zee screening! nearby. There were several shorts that were quite good but my Oscar still goes to Chords.

I made Heather model her really great tights

Phillip and I went to Bart's birthday dinner and then I went to the l'Afrikan party at Katie and Gaby's house. Katie brought me a big piece of fabric from Gabon in the best pattern ever. I am so happy to have it.

This afternoon Phillip and I went to see a movie at the Sundance Kabuki in Japantown and then ate lunch there. The movie was really depressing and I was put off for the rest of the afternoon. By nightfall Heather came over for a sleepover and we stuffed ourselves with a Mint Mountain sundae from Mitchell's.


Larry Farmsworth said...

they are nice tights. thats about all i got.

check out Google analytics software, its fun you can see where and how often people view your site

wormy lives,


Purple Attic said...

Hi Just happen to pop by your blog during casual reading of blogs... these parties are interesting ... hope we have more such things in Singapore. In case you happen to do causal reading of blogs like I am now ... feel free to pop by mine at or my daughter's at
Cheers :)