Monday, February 18, 2008

Boners, Drugs and Violence: DRM Comes West

Dan missed his flight on Friday afternoon but made it to us eventually on Friday night. We went for Can-Cun burritos and for beers at a couple of neighborhood dives.

Pete, Dan and I went for brunch at Bugaloos and saw a girl on the street that left an impression on us. We headed for Dolores Park. Dan and I went to Buy-Rite for wine and oranges. As if tall stalks of corn parted and send forth a mid-western dream, the girl from the street earlier in the day was sitting on our picnic blanket with Phillip and Pete, who were both incapacitated by then. It turns out that she had mistakingly approached Phillip thinking he was someone she knew. She ended up sticking around. Sara, we learned, comes from Iowa and was formerly a part of the moped gang, the Creatures of the Loin. She told us she met David Lynch last week went he came to her visa office seeking an emergency travel vouchers to attend the Maharishi's funeral in India. We hung out at Dolores until it got too chilly and then trekked back home. Dan had to leave at six to accompany an old friend to the Burning Man Regional Summit. Phillip, Pete, Sara and I hung out in the living room listing to Sara's ipod collection of British and French bubblegum pop. By then things were getting pretty crazy. I will never look at orchids the same again. We didn't leave the house until 11:15, when we went to a gallery show at Blue Six. We intended to see an a cappella group of thirty bearded men singing Leonard Cohen, but we missed that act and saw another entertaining performance. When that ended we headed over to Kathy's housewarming party. The DJ was really good and I got punked really hard by this Italian dude. We stayed up really late.

Busy Dolores; wine-o

Dolores; Sara, Dan

Souvenier shot with a Dolores palm; the trippiest Mona Lisa

Sunday morning the four of us ate brunch at the Pork Cafe and Phillip, Dan and I went to see the Gilbert & George exhibit at the de Young Museum. I really like that museum and would like to return without Dan yacking in my ear the whole time. We drove to the ocean to check out the Pacific. We all took naps and the men and I went to dinner at Dosa. Pete and Dan went out binge drinking.

de Young

SF budget crisis in action; vista

We woke up this morning and went to brunch at the Atlas. We drove up to Napa Valley for a wine tasting at the Chandon vineyard (no Snoop). We ate from the secret menu at In-and-Out. The weather was beautiful even crossing the Golden Gate from Marin to SF. We drove down Lombard Street.


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