Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have been volunteering around elections since before I could vote. This generally violates my long standing (subject of college admission essay) philosophy (for another blog post) about electoral politics but on a micro level I think it is an important exercise. I remember flyering for "Row H" with the Working Families Party during the 2000 presidential elections and Clinton's congressional race. I went on house visits with 1199/WFP for Ydanis Rodriguez city council race for the 10th District in Washington Heights 2001. I did some voter reg in college but regrettably, I wasn't very involved in the GOTV efforts in '04.

Super Tuesday or States abstaining from Mardi Gras festivities?

I met Nischit last night (finally!) at the Alameda Central Labor Council in Oakland. She and her colleagues have been GOTVing there for the past two weeks. I put in an hour or so with them. We called up all the union members in the county remind them of their polling site. We asked them to vote NO on California Propositions 94-97 on the Indian gaming legislation which are some seriously anti-worker deals. I voted yesterday at City Hall but I am eager to see the results of today's polls.

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