Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Call


I spent my last weekend in San Francisco going about business as usual. Ana, Shrimp, and I caught the Zizek show (and backstage action!) at the Rickshaw Stop on Thursday. I used to go to the ZZK parties almost every week when I lived in Buenos Aires. Ana, of course, knows half of the label. I enjoyed the music more this time than I remember. Don't they say that if you live in San Francisco long enough you will eventually love electronic music?? You heard it here first: cumbia + dubstep = cumstep.

I enjoyed quality friend time with Ana and later Katie at Thieves and the Phonebooth on Friday. Ana presented me with the best surprise ever: custom magnetic poetry (see above). I am so jealous of myself! My friend knows me so well!!!

Courtney Trouble photo booth

Saturday was a marathon of neighborhood party fun. We cut zee rug at Hard French at El Rio then went back for more for my VERY LAST Debaser at the Knockout. I triple hugged it out at the end with Chris and my #1 favorite DJ and felt much better (pix forthcoming). My time in San Francisco came full circle when we ended up at an after party at a home we used to frequent during the CCA days.

Mission Mouse

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