Monday, December 8, 2008

MANIFEST DESTINY: Thank YOU + Brief Photographic Retrospective of a Year in the Life of Ruby Fuerza dawt cawm

Happy Birthday, Blog!

This post marks the first of this blog's second year. It's hard to believe I've been in California for over thirteen months now (the magic anniversary happened sometime whilst killing myself in southeastern Ohio). Many things have changed, improved even, in my life since trading the mean streets of New York to fulfill manifest destiny. I never did write my long-winded, introspective essay on personal MD, blah, blah - it's not that kind of blog! - but it is the kind that shall succinctly, more or less, give credit where credit is due. Below is a big list (in no favored order) of merci grazi gracias to all the animals, vegetables, and minerals who have contributed to the beautiful existence that has unfolded here over the past year:

1. Frens - This is the obvious item but it is important to me to acknowledge the anchoring role they have played in my life here. I left a special crowd of MSoBFCs (what of it?!) back East and I don't think I would have softened up so much out here without them (example: yoga! bongos! dare I say it.........glam camping?!). As an emotionally guarded person I give an extra stoic nod to my dear Shrimp.

2. Phillip - He conned me into coming here in to begin with and has been first and foremost partner in adventure.

3. Little Jackie - The best bike ever. Even if one or two of the breaks don't usually work. And it doesn't change gears.

4. Role models - I am luck to have a good union job that happens, at least in California, to be dominated by fashionable women who are also committed to social and economic justice. My boss Kelly is a main role model to me because she pretty much knows what to say in any situation in which a union organizer might find herself. I pretty much want to be just like her in seven years (?). My other co-worker Jollene is my secondary role model because she does my job but also leads a massive radical feminist organization. Her example challenges me every day.

5. 7 Duncan St. - It isn't the biggest house but it survived the earthquake and has a dishwasher! I beg you to check out the old digs on the G and F trains.

6. Burlesque Women - I found the creative community really hard to access (not that there there was time for it) in NYC. I could have never imagine launching my burlesque dreams. The dynamic is different out here and it has lead me to some great people and great adventures!

7. Cheap Booze - This is not an overstatement. Booze really is so much cheaper here than back home. $1 Tecate+Lil Jackie+Shrimp Scampy have consistently made for excellent, low cost adventures. I mainly credit Pop's, Argus, 5hundo Club, and El Rio for making said equation possible.

8. Dolores Park - I never spent time in the parks in NY (eh-hem, drinking citations in Prospect Park). Now I'm there all the time!

9. Weekend Getaways - Apart from Millerton, there aren't fun places to explore back East like there are out here. Even for feeling no emotional connection in the face of nature, I do feel lucky for all of the great vistas I have experienced in the past year.

10. Rainbow Grocery - WHO HAVE I BECOME??

11. Sweet Lula

I think I have listed all of my navel-gazing MD gratitudes for now. I will unscrupulously re-edit the list to account for any glaring omissions. Below are a few never-been-published snaps from the past year:


Daniela said...


California is indeed magical, and so are you!

(kudos for 420 brunchfeast photo -- first documentation i'd seen of it)

Katie Lerin said...

A big shrimpy kiss to you. To the adventures had, and the adventures to come. also, yo... way to squash (get it) any chances of me getting a real job.