Thursday, December 25, 2008

New York, NY: Happy Secular Winter Holiday

I have been home in New York for a week. It has been a grand time, not unlike last year's visit, with an emphasis on Chumbawamba-style festivities: Dizard Holiday Party (prohibition), a high school bar meet-up that was not "awkward," 11th annual lunch at Walker's, meals with Masha+Heather, Carla Bruni(s) with the freshly repatriated Chris Wait.

last call @ Cheesy Pizza!

Claire, Lauren, and I also attended the final night of the Hog Pit which represented, in the cruel shadow of the offensively lighted Hotel Gansevoort, the final nail in the coffin for all things salvageable (if that was ever possible) in the Meat Packing District. Truth be told, I was never too fond of that place - ever haunted by the Dell Guy - but I could not let the doors shut without one final adieu. This was the last location in the area to serve bottled beer for under $10. It was there before Pastis (!) and (un)fondly home to many dirtbag memories. In the spirit of several bar closings past, I tried to make off with a bathroom mirror with the epithet "c*nt b*tch" inscribed in bold font (t'was to be a Yule gift for Sasha!). The object was poorly muffled under my ermine jacket and it unfortunately came out to the bouncer. Drat!

See ya, Hoggy!; Walker's comes but once a year

This was a much more glamorous affair than last year's Bacchanalia (togas)

Annual Xmas Eve dinner party traditions (bizarre gift swap)

Tomorrow I leave for the much anticipated trip to Tokyo with my friend Phillip.

PS - A big cheer to our IWW comrades at Starbucks. Way! To! Go!

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