Saturday, November 29, 2008

Napa, CA: Crapulence and Loooove

The last of my family has caught a taxi for SFO - I am sad to see them go. Waah!

It was a wonderful visit full of delicious dinners and drinks. I brought my mom, dad, and sister to restaurants that represent my San Francisco for different reasons: Sunday to Cafe Zoetrope, the eatery of my spirit building before schleping around North Beach; Monday to Spork with cousin Nick, a Mission staple for me and Phillip (also because other neighborhood favorites Universal, Range, Lolo, and Maverick were booked or closed); Tuesday to Chez Panisse, a joy for any epicurean plus a peek into Berkeley's awfully named "Gourmet Ghetto." We drove up to Napa on Wednesday and ate at Bouchon, the brasserie of French Laundry's Thomas Keller (mom's pick). We spent Thankgiving at FARM at the Carneros Inn for a delicious feast - though the decor was more pre-"revival" Meatpacking District than pastoral (which frankly fits us better). We topped off the visit with drinks at the Redwood Room Bar at the Clift Hotel and Burbon+Branch on the eve of the departure. I highly recommend any of the above locations for a tasty meal, with emphasis given to C.P. and Bouchon.

Yet!! There was not only eating but also visits to the de Young, Alcatraz, collage tours for sister, street tours, and long walks through the vineyards. We also nailed down our Christmas card picture after about a zillion takes.

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