Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks + Giving

The holiday season is rolling around again and in reviewing my finances for the season's upcoming expenses I've tallied a list of all of the donations I have made over the past year. My family has a strong tradition of philanthropy (albeit mostly modest!) - especially at this time of year. I am proud to be at a point in my life where I can support myself and also pony up for organizations/causes/groups who are doing work I believe in. Perhaps you will be inspired to throw some change at them too!

Jobs with Justice
ACORN International
Fund for Union Democracy - UHW
Young Communist League
KQED National Public Radio (disclosure: my monthly donation was truncated after I bounced their check -zoiks!)
Rural&Migrant Ministry Summer Camp for the Children of Farmworkers
AIDS Walk SF for J. Purcell
Susan G. Koman for G. Ritchie
Convent of the Sacred Heart - even tony private schools in Manhattan need $!
John Edwards Campaign for President
Cornell University ILR School

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