Monday, November 17, 2008

Palo Colorado Canyon, Carmel, CA: King of Cabins

We packed up Coco and headed down to Monterrey on Friday night. The girls (Laura, Erin, Katie, Rube) met the boys and girl (Peter, Chris, Chris, Ariel) at a cabin graciously loaned to us by Peter's family friends - the Kings - in Palo Colorado Canyon. King Cabin sits in a beautiful strip of littoral Red Woods just north of Big Sur. The canyon was formerly owned by a Fresno woman who divided the land among her friends to build a colony of homes along the singular road that winds through the canyon. The properties have largely remained with the original families, creating a strong a sense of community - even to a visitor on a deserted November night.

Coco pulled up to the unmarked house around eleven. Without word from the other car we unpacked and started with the drinks and pizza baking. We were getting worried (by worried I mean curious!) that we had broken into another family's cabin but eventually the others arrived. Laura built a fire and we sat around it for the rest of the night telling jokes and taste testing Ariel's homemade Petaluma apple hooch (it was delicious!).

We woke up the next morning, made an epic egg breakfast, met Maddy and mom, and eventually headed south on Highway 1 to Andew Molera State Park in Big Sur. Ariel and the boys went surfing while the rest of set up shop on the beach. We were fortunate enough to find an abandoned civilization built of rocks+drift wood and garnished with dried seaweed squiggles. It was the perfect site to dress and act like loons. All was going swimmingly until the day dragged into night over a three hour stretch that I can only describe as a traumatic apocalyptic death march back to Coco. We had no choice but to stay another night snuggled up next to the fire in King Cabin. Everyone hit the hay early and we departed before dawn, in time to make it to the morning shift at Philz.

I forgot to meet up with Sarah before leaving to borrow her company's GPS tool to make a grand map of our trip. Next time, fair King!

Strapping surf board to Coco; making dinner/drinks

pizza; behold the Beet Corridor

Hooch taste test (Ariel's homemade apple beer vs Trade Joe's pear booze - the winner: ARIEL!)


King of the bogo; from the tippy top of the canyon over looking the Pacific

Buena vista

Breakfast at King Cabin; packing for the beach

Scouting the waves

Surfer dudes and dudettes; trek to the Sea

We found an abandoned civilization

Retreating into Nature to be weirdos


Ariel, Hawaiian mountain girl; Chris

Ariel and Chris; Chris and Peter

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