Monday, June 2, 2008

An Ode to a Building

Phillip and I trekked from the Mission all the way to North Beach on Friday night, stopping at bars along the way (and ran into Michelle @ 111 Minna!) We went to Spec's - an old UNITE HERE Local 2 Bar in an ally off Columbus Avenue.

We ate dinner at the glamorous Zoetrope Building - my true spirit building - a great Parisian fantasy explosion floating past the Transamerica Pyramid on Kearny Street. We were sad to learn that the Zoetrope is forever owned by the Familia Coppola. This is explains the interruption of an Apocalypse Now! poster amid a sea of vintage cinema prints.

Zoe in her glory on Friday; the majesty by day last month (one must wear lilies in N. Beach?)

I've long believed in spirit items. The soul really does shine through inanimate objects, like say, a DVF SS03 multicolored leopard skirt. Or perhaps through an antique car or a subculture. This building does it for me - the generous red awnings sealed the deal.

See ya, Francis!

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Phillip said...

my spirit building is near 111 Minna! Not in North Beach!