Sunday, June 15, 2008

Freaky Friday+Saturday

Le Weekend: Bikes! Booze! Colors! Puns! Lipstick! Laughing asses off!

Friday the 13th blossomed out of the mist-erious San Franciscan fog - perfect atmosphere at Cafe Revolution featuring our band Cupcakes; Irish.

Saturday, ID BBQ at Dolores Beach by day followed by Conspiracy of Beards* show at Cyclone Warehouse and after party at neighboring factory.

This is actually Thursday night

Sheena is a punk rocker; Roomie's roomie gets a black kitten on Friday the 13th

Freaky Friday

Dolores Beach

Flashback to glamcamping

The umpteenth hotdog

Doing the Russian dance with Old Silver (CoB); CoB Ruben without a beard (!)

Here is a vid of CoB's "So Long Marianne:"

*CoB is an acapella group of thirty bearded men singing Leonard Cohen.

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Gloria said...

everyone seems very sharply dressed! esp. that guy up at the top with the scarf ;)