Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Labor + Delivery

Tomorrow marks the six month of this d.d. (dear diary, sheesh!)

While briefly reviewing my posts since December I realized that this blog hasn't been fully living up to its maxim, "quite possibly" the world's only burlesque, labor, adventure blog. There is some burlesque and with a peppering of adventure yet I haven't done a very good job including labor topics in the mix - thereby carving out quite possibly the nichiest of niches. This is mainly because I'm not inclined to writing (or reading!) long polemic posts about current affairs in the labor movement.

I plan to address this to some extent moving forward. In the meantime, I've added an RSS feed from The Union News to the panel at right. This is an excellent site because it aggregates virtually all of domestic labor news. The downside is that I don't agree with all of the anonymous blogger's editorials (s/he is against card check and the Employee Free Choice Act.) I haven't quite figured out the author's angle but it's a great source nonetheless. Gnaw on this for a while while I get my shit, er ADD, together.

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