Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York, NY: Slope Sunday

Leah, post auto-focus; Masha and Leah on manual

Sunday was first brunch with Masha and Leah at Cheryl's in Prospect Heights. It was delicious and so are they. We caught up on life, their reunion, changing bodies, bad dancing (eh-hem.)

After I swung by Union Hall to catch Sarah and Raf's bocce game. Their team name is "Schweaty Balls." We had a chance to chat fireside as Sarah and I tried to convince Raf that they must move to San Francisco. I miss this girl!

For those of you who might be following this connection: Raf and Tom Roberts were serious friends at Middlebury ---> Tom is doing a PHD at Stanford ---> Stanford is practically in SF ---> Sarah and Raf will want get together with their friends in SF all at once ---> I will be reunited with TR. Phewph!

Sarah; bocce court

pretty tp; Team SW vs Team Mud

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erin story geld said...

i miss you come back!!!