Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leap Year

Thanks to Pete's last minute Craigslist score, Daniela, Pete, Phillip and I saw Magnetic Fields at the Herbst Theater on Friday night. Herbst Theater is a pretty formal venue, usually reserved for refined events such as operas and ballet performances. Though once the show started, it was clear that the music, with its cello, piano, mandolin, and accordion ensemble, lent itself nicely to this type of performance space.

I generally prefer a more participatory concert experience: I like to stand in the front, song along, laugh, cry and hold hands with other serious fans. I like to scream out song requests, hoot and holler. This behavior was limited at the show on account of both assigned seating and Stephin Merritt's vinegary personality.

The band played two 45 minute sets, drawing from their dozen disc repertoire in addition to a few songs from the Gothic Archies project.


I made these evil monster cupcakes (with love!) for a special friend. There are a rip-off of a superior set I saw on Boing Boing.

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