Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Robot Goes Everywhere

My friend Dave Rand is a super genius! The man who first taught me about the neuro-wiring behind foot fetishists is now in the news:

Tomorrow Nature, a big whoop nerdfest, is publishing a study that Dave co-authored as a grad student at Harvard. The research examines the role of punishment in a game between two equal players. It turns out that those who did best in the game punished the least.

You can here Dave himself on a segment of today's All Things Considered.

You can also find Dave's rockstar (literally - I otherwise refrain from such a term) alter ego Robot Goes Here touring in a city near you.


allison said...


Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

oh fair former room mate (not to be confused with lp donna) i didnt know you had a blog but i am adding you to zee list! xx

YoursUnruly said...

i didn't know i had on either. i just started it an hour ago. i needed to vent.