Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Trip in Golden Gate Park

Phillip and I went on an adventure on Saturday afternoon since I am going to be out of town for the next couple of weekends (CO this weekend then NY/TX/FL for the following two). We started off at the entrance to Golden Gate Park in Haight-Ashbury and trekked the three and a half miles through the park to where it ends at the Pacific Ocean.

We first saw the flowers at the Conservatory. We went see the outdoor sculptures at the de Young. We walked though the Botanical Garden. Here we saw the strangest sight of the day: Real grown-ups pretending to be horses in a sort of fetish play (apparently called Pony Play). I had heard of this practice but to see it in real life was something else. There were about ten adults picnicking, half dressed in elaborate horse costumes, lead or ridden by plain-clothed friends. We spied on them a bit then continued past Stow Lake to the Buffalo Paddok. I was hopping to get really close to the buffalo but they were far back from the fences. It was really stange to see such beasts in the middle of a city park. I cant imagine something like this in New York. We paused at the Dutch Windmill and emerged at the coastline. I felt like the champion of Oregon Train! We continued along the beach, blowing in the wind, up to the ruins of Sutro Baths. It is beautiful and creepy.

Conservatory of Flowers; a carnivorous plant

de Young

Botanical Gardens; Ponyplay in action (!!)

Buffalo Paddok --> are buffalo bison?

Dutch windmill. This was psychedelic

The wind blew our faces off

These signs are poetic

The Cliff House; Sutro Baths

Sutro ruins

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