Friday, March 28, 2008

JUSTICE and a Potrero Van

Last night we met up at Cake's house to pose for some party photos for her senior thesis. I am so happy to have so many new art school girlfriends. Lauren will always be my original, but since everyone and their mother seems to go to CCA in San Francisco, there are so many more ASGFs to befriend!

Katie, Laura and I made it to the Justice show at the SF Design Center just as the headliners took stage. Laura snuck in through the back. I am totally jealous of her gumption (and $40 savings.) We bumped into Ben and Alex, forever skirt chasing, almost as soon as we arrived. The environment had a very different feeling than the MSTRKRFT show. First of all, the venue is about seven times larger - and was seven times more crowded - than the Mighty. In addition to the requisite hipsters, there were many more teenagers at the show. They all probably took the BART in from Daly City and East Bay. The most striking difference though was the DJ booth. Where we had total access to the DJs and the stage (seriously!) at the Mighty, the set-up at SFDC was a total product of the post-9/11 security construct. The DJs stood on stage above the audience buffered by 10 feet of space and a very tall metal fence. It was impossible to get anywhere near the stage without encountering a hulking security guard. The lack of contact between spectator and performer during the concert really detracted from the concert-going experience.

SFDC is huge - Photo credit Dead Art

We nonetheless pushed our way to the front. Standing in a pulsing crowd is one of my favorite sensations: music blasting, lights flashing, sweaty bodies mixing together. In a more prolific (er..less hungover) I could describe this better. Laura got on someone's shoulders and rode the crowd. At the end of the encore Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay (total DJ gods) came out to touch the crowd. They really play into the religious theme in obvious ways (their giant glowing cross logo) and more subtly (both DJs hold their hands out as if giving a blessing; the audience reaches back to them.)

After the show we caught the last hour of Afrolicious at the Elbo Room and ended up at an after party in one of those old greyhound buses in Potrero that have been converted in to squatter-living spaces. I wish I had a camera for this because Phillip and I always joke about the freegans and such who live there. This bus was pretty nice - and apparently has two jacuzzis on the roof, no thanks - though we almost got kicked out when Katie nearly took down the dude's turntables.

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