Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Trannyshack

Last night Katie and I went to the Trannyshack, a weekly midnight drag show at the Stud in SOMA. This week's theme was "Rock Bitch" with each act featured a fist pumping song. There were a half dozen performances - many I can't remember - saving Renttecca's lip sync to "Vietnow" by RATM, which really tugged at my heart strings. The finale was quite impressive: Kegal Kater and the Extremity, dressed as a fat Courtney Love with Kurt and Francis Bean, singing "Violet." Drool! The crowd was quite moved, especially when Kegal started throwing pills from a massive prescription bottle at the audience. Once the show ended, the DJ rolled out songs from the Riot Grrl canon, including a few favorites from Bikini Kill. We boogied down until they took our drinks and kicked us out. I was so lucky to get a picture with K.K. on our way to the taxi stand!

Francis, CL, KC belt it; CL, FB with pills and booze

Biggest fan!; Kurts shotgun wound - that ain't right

Thank you Roomie for these pictures.

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