Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York, NY: Party Up!

I got into Talia's around 11pm on Saturday night. Her apartment was packed as a schlepped my luggage and fugly airport face through the crowd. With a pat of lipstick I was ready to go! We stayed at Talia's for a while then drove over in Rosie's parent's Subaru (pinkos!) to a party in Brooklyn Heights for a girl-on-girl-fest. We went back to Talia's for dancing then Nikki, Heather and I went to the Cattyshack for more girl-on-girl-fest until they kicked us out. We ended the night back at Talia's and Heather and I finally got back home at the crack of dawn.

It was one of those rowdy New York nights that - for better or worse - are much less frequent for me in California.

Rosie's sneaks customized with love by her beau;* party
*Rosie and David fulfil my bohemian artist lifestyle fantasy - keep an eye out for future posts on Bed Stuy artist colonies and a interview with the Brian Leher, preferably about labor.

Rosie, Heather, Nikki; rims

party; friends and 40s


theodoreunit said...

i havent seen a single forty ounce in idaho, and its not like i havent been looking

RG said...

i had no idea the bottom of my jeans looked like that