Friday, March 14, 2008

Houston, TX: Day Three, Four

Friday was a long day of schmoozes and "hello, have you heard of CI...?"s. We were able to spend some time alongside the rooftop pool - believe it or not, the weather here has been very kind to us; its hot but not humid.

Dr. T and RF, post convention snacks

Saturday will be more of the same (the "hello...."s, not the pool) during the day. Whatever I have to toil through is totally eclipsed by the fact that I will be flying home in the evening! To my real home! To New York!! I'm planing on cabbing it straight to Brooklyn from LaGuardia. Its seems that all of my post-high school friends live with in a twenty block radius. This is sad because I no longer live within that radius myself, but it is convenient for getting together. I hope to catch all the Local 6 refugees at Talia's party and have a sleepover with Ratty; Leah and Masha for brunch but I hope the come out too and Sarah as well. Since I will only be home until Wednesday morning I need to maximize "fren time" and see as many fantastic faces for as much quality time as possible. I miss them tanto!

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