Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The Press Democrat, the newspaper of Sonoma County, published our L2E today! Fantastic!:

Doctors Rx

EDITOR: We, the doctors of the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, are disappointed to hear of the massive job cuts that are going to take place at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and of the closure of the last mental health inpatient facility in Sonoma County.

We are particularly concerned with the announcement that Memorial is slashing 200 health care jobs from its hospital. As doctors, we know that having support staff is critical to the delivery of quality patient care. At every other major health care institution in Sonoma County these are tumultuous times, but decisions must be made with our patients and health care professionals in mind.

We reiterate the message we sent in a letter to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange in November, when we urged the sisters to cease opposing the efforts of workers at Memorial to have an effective voice at work. If health care workers were able to have an effective voice at work, our community, patients and workforce would be much better protected.

We call on St. Joseph’s to understand that there is a better way.

Sit down with your workers and the community and let’s figure out how we can make health care work in the county.


(Also signed by 22 other physicians)

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