Friday, March 21, 2008

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: To the Sea!

(view from the top)

Today we left Sarasota for Fort Lauderdale, on the west coast of Florida. The weather is equally mild but the sight and sound of the Atlantic carries in a tide of nostalgia for a seaside youth.

Before checking into our swank digs I dragged my family to one! last! attraction! We arrived at the Sheraton Clipper - one of the more vulgar accommodations in town - just in time for the Friday Happy Hour/Mermaid Show. The "Wreck Bar" is set below the pool area and vaguely resembles a sunken ship. The tank windows behind the bar look into the swimming pool, creating an appropriate tableau for underwater entertainment. For thirty minutes, two mermaids and a guy in a scuba outfit swam back and forth in front of the windows to the delight of a dozen six year old girls and a few rowdy UConn fans (the performers were in competition with the NCAA.) I snuck up to the pool mid show for an areal shot of the ephemeral fishes.

Mermaid #1

Enter mermaid #2

Atlantica from our porch! messed up formatting!; paparazzi shot of my mer-sister in the pool (top center)

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